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The State of Southeast Asia: 2019 Survey Report presents the findings of a regionwide online survey conducted among policy, research, business, civil society, and media communities in Southeast Asian countries on their views towards the state of the region amidst regional and global changes and uncertainties.

The State of Southeast Asia: 2019 Survey Report

Download - TheStateofSEASurveyReport_2019.pdf
  • State of Southeast Asia: 2019 Survey Report
  • Impact of the Trade War on ASEAN Economies
  • Thailand’s ASEAN Chairmanship 2019
  • Can ASEAN Cope with the “Trade War”?
  • Rice Binds Southeast Asia Together

ASEANFocus Issue 1/2019

Download - ASEANFocus FINAL_Jan19.pdf
  • ASEAN Braces for a Risen China
  • ASEAN-China Dialogue Relations: Young but Mature
  • ASEAN Amidst the US-China Rivalry
  • Building Blocks Towards Resilient & Innovative ASEAN
  • Batik: The Wax that Never Wanes

ASEANFocus Issue 6/2018

Download - ASEANFocus_December2018_Final.pdf
  • Before Southeast Asia: Passages and Terrains
  • The ARF's Elusive Pursuit of Preventive Diplomacy
  • Social Media and Politics in Southeast Asia
  • Echo Chambers and a Sectarian Public Sphere in Southeast Asia
  • Terrorists' Exploitation of Cyberspace in Southeast Asia

ASEANFocus Issue 5/2018

Download - ASEANFocus Oct 2018.pdf
  • The ASEAN Journey and The Road Ahead
  • A Resilient and Innovative ASEAN for the Next  Five Decades
  • Seeding a Smarter ASEAN
  • Strengthening Regional Resilience: Coping with Non-Traditional Security Challenges
  • Singapore's Financial Hub in a Dynamic ASEAN

ASEANFocus Issue 4/2018

Download - ASEANFocus Special Issue.pdf
  • ASEAN’s Hard Look at Indo-Pacific
  • Indo-Pacific: Post-Modern Regionalism
  • E-commerce in ASEAN: Views from the Businesses
  • ASEAN Aviation Takes to the Sky
  • Is ASEAN Ready for Renminbi?

ASEANFocus Issue 3/2018

Download - ASEANFocusMayJun.pdf
  • Reviewing the 32nd ASEAN Summit
  • Julie Bishop on ASEAN-Australia Relations
  • Unpacking the Rakhine Issue
  • Surakiat Sathirathai on the Advisory Board on the Rakhine Issue
  • Puppetry Arts in Southeast Asia

ASEANFocus Issue 2/2018

Download - ASEANFocus Mar-Apr.pdf
  • Urgent steps to save ASEAN biodiversity from the brink
  • Why the EU’s anti-palm oil measures do not help the environment
  • Unpacking ASEAN’s trade surplus with the US
  • What lies ahead for the Korean Peninsula after the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
  • Constraints of Southeast Asia’s engagement with the DPRK

ASEANFocus Issue 1/2018

Download - ASEANFocusIssue12018.pdf
  • Singapore Foreign Minister Dr Vivian Balakrishnan shares his views on ASEAN’s future and outlines Singapore’s priorities as ASEAN Chair in 2018
  • HE Le Luong Minh reflects on his tenure as ASEAN Secretary-General and the regional organisation in his last official interview as SG
  • Southeast Asia’s “report card” on Trump’s visit to region
  • Making sense out of the Indo-Pacific concept
  • A tribute to the late Dr Surin Pitsuwan and his contributions to ASEAN and regional integration
  • Outlook at 50: Multi-stakeholders’ perspectives on the future of tertiary, vocational and technical education in ASEAN

ASEANFocus Issue 7/2017

Download - ASEANFocusDec17.pdf
  • The 31st ASEAN Summit
Highlights from the ASEAN Summit, the East Asia Summit and other meetings
  • The 19th Chinese Communist Party National Congress
Xi Jinping’s second term and its implications for Chinese foreign policy and Southeast Asia
  • TPP Revisited
The future of cross-Pacific and regional trade through the CPTPP
  • ASEAN-India Relations
Overcoming challenges, realising potentials and endless possibilities
  • Outlook at 50: Religiosity in Southeast Asia
An in-depth look into trends and transformations in the most religiously diverse region in the world

ASEANFocus Issue 6/2017